Health & Safety

Your NPT UNISON Branch  Health & Safety Officer is Leigh Batchelor.

The words Health and Safety may conjure up visions of clipboards, regulations and paperwork, but it’s really not like that.

Being a Safety rep means you will be playing a crucial role in making sure your workplace is safe, secure and clean for all your colleagues and service users.

You’ll also gain new skills and meet others who are passionate about workplace safety.

Workplace Health & Safety Review

A new guided process for Health and Safety Reps and newly recruited activists to review workplace H&S risk assessments.

This tool can be used to create a report reviewing workplace health and safety (H&S) risk assessments. Use the tool to guide you through the 5-step process. Once you have completed all 5 steps a PDF report will be created and sent to your email address. This can then be used as supporting information in talks to improve the safety of the workplace.