JNC Pay Claim 2022 UPDATE

Dear colleague

I would like to update you on the current situation regarding NJC pay claim for 2022 . I am pleased to say that UNISON have accepted the NJC pay offer for 2022 of £1,925.00 depending on your hours worked for example working working part time means half of the offer also this will be back dated to April 2022 .

Currently GMB and UNITE are consulting their members on the offer , once all 3 trade unions have agreed and arranged a meeting to agree the offer as the NJC is made up of 3 unions to agree .

We then can officially accept the offer on behalf of our members.

UNISON are doing everything in our power to get this offer into our members pay hopefully end November? Any questions please ask.


Mark Fisher

Acting Branch Secretary Neath Port Talbot UNISON Branch