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Labour Link in Wales

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We hear many people say "I'm not political", and statistics reveal that the voting turn out at the last General Election was 64.7%. Yet when politicians make decisions that directly affect us in our local area - those who did not vote are often the first to complain!

· Who would you speak to if your local library was threatened with closure?
· Who would you petition if your bus service was going to be stopped?
· What would happen if your caring responsibilities were affected by closure of a care home?

These are real problems which could very well develop if the Con-Dem Government continue with their onslaught on public services.

UNISON Neath-Port Talbot are planning a series of short workshops to help you find out more about your local MP and how they work for you. We will also look at your Assembly Members, Local Councillors and Members of European Parliament. Using this information, you will learn how to tackle local issues by writing letters, sending email messages, developing petitions etc. to ensure your voice is heard and our essential public services are protected.

The workshops will take place at most of the main sites within the authority and will be offered to UNISON members free of charge.

Further for information, contact: Mark Fisher (Labour Link Officer) - Tel: 07971 255130.