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Are you feeling bullied and harrassed?

UNISON has launched a joint campaign with Company magazine against bullying in the workplace. The campaign comes about as a shocking survey of 7,000 UNISON members has revealed that bullying in the workplace has doubled in the past 10 years, and that more than a third of young women are the victims. One third of those bullied say it has happened in the last six months, while two-thirds say it is still going on. Read more about the campaign and dealing with issues on the links below:

Billly Buster Campaign Launced SPRING 2010                         Tackling Bullying at Work -Unison Guidelines

Bullies are making life hell for 1 in 3 of young working women    

Your workplace steward is your first port of call to talk through issues...or give the Branch Office a ring on  01639 860106



made things worse. That’s why

Company has teamed up with

trade union UNISON to raise

awareness of workplace bullying

and to encourage you to stand up